Maximize equipment performance with
hardfacing/wear-resistant weld rod from CCA.

When you need high-quality Nickel and Cobalt based hardfacing alloys at competitive prices, CCA delivers.

Our alloys give equipment the protective edge needed for better performance and better value.

They’ve been proven in some of the most demanding industrial applications in the world such as: Engine, Valve, Gas Turbine, Oil Patch, Forging Dies, Saw Blade, Aerospace, Military, and even Non-Cobalt Nuclear.

And all our products are made in the U.S.A., delivered to you worldwide.

We provide unbeatable quality, at unbeatable value. That’s who we are – that’s CCA.

  • – More efficient, cleaner continuous casting technology
  • – Innovative processes and state-of-the-art technologies that keep you cost competitive
  • – Every order shipped with a Certificate of Analysis
  • – Industry experts on staff – our partnership with IWS not only ensures superior quality products, but provides valuable consultation and field support


* For specific grades, chemistries, and recommended uses please see the CCA Alloys Section.