CCA Offers High Durability & High Shine Non-Precious Jewelry Alloys

Continuous Cast Alloys is a premier supplier of high durability, high shine non-precious jewelry alloys. Our jewelry alloys are designed and priced to keep our customers competitive. Thanks to our comprehensive on-site laboratory, our extensive technical expertise, and our outstanding customer support, we deliver the best value and highest quality products on the market. A class ring is commemorative jewelry worn during the most active time in a young person’s life. We specialize in lower cost, non-precious metals, which are harder and therefore more durable for wear. Custom Cast Alloys provides jewelry alloy customers:

  • Efficient, clean continuous casting technology
  • Custom capabilities and proprietary chemistries
  • All orders shipped with a Certificate of Analysis guarantee
  • Innovative processes and state-of-the-art technology to keep our customers competitive

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