We Make High Quality Metal-Cored Wires

Continuous Cast Alloys (CCA) range high-quality metal-cored wires for GMA welding deposition and suitable for automatic and semi-automatic applications. The welded deposits have higher silicon and manganese contents than cast rods deposits, giving better deoxidization and welding characteristics.  We offer a wide range of cobalt & nickel Alloys. Our diameters range from 1.2mm (.045″) – 1.6mm (.062″).

Continuous Cast Alloys is a custom manufacturer of premium nickel and cobalt-based Alloy Products. Our customers choose us for exceptional value, unparalleled product quality, and worldwide distribution.

Continuous Cast Alloys proudly offers:

  • Efficient, clean continuous casting technology
  • Custom capabilities and proprietary chemistries
  • All orders shipped with a Certificate of Analysis guarantee
  • Innovative processes and state-of-the-art technology to keep our customers competitive
  • Industrial experts on staff to ensure superior quality, valuable consultation, and field support

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