Every order gets a wide variety of value added services from the best in the industry from CCA.

Continuous Cast Alloys commitment to customers goes beyond the quality of our alloy products. We service our customers with a very innovative support staff of people who possess a vast knowledge of alloy products and technology.



While our continuous casting process creates a great surface condition we realize some of your customers may require a defect-free surface condition or a very specific outside diameter dimension. CCA offers surface grinding of our diameter rods to meet your surface condition or size requirements.



Many of our alloys, especially our dental alloys, will be cut into ingots at some point before final packaging by our customers. CCA offers this as your turnkey solution. Get your custom alloys cast, cut, and polished all at one facility with one vendor. We have the newest technology in cutoff equipment producing quality cuts and surface finish. All of our cut ingots go through polishing to de-burr and polish to a brilliant finish.


Continuous Cast Alloys is ISO 9001:2015 certified and maintains the highest standards in quality control for the industry. Our versatile lab includes two Optical Spectrometers, Carbon and Sulfur Combustion Analyzer, Nitrogen and Oxygen Combustion Analyzer, and a Hardness Tester. We also conduct weld tests on our hardfacing and wear-resistant alloys to ensure workability. All necessary steps are taken to ensure the products you order do not leave our facility without proper quality evaluation.