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Continuous Cast Alloys offers a range of atomized cobalt and nickel base powders including specific alloy compositions and sieve cuts for use with PTA, laser cladding, HVOF, and flame spraying techniques. Powders offer:

  • High purity and a very low level of oxygen ere to the inert gas atomizing process
  • Good fluidity due to spherical shape of each particle with the minimum of satellites
  • A wide choice of alloy powders
  • A full product range for plasma transferred arc welding and thermal spraying and the HIP process
  • Efficient, clean continuous casting technology
  • Custom capabilities and proprietary chemistries
  • All orders shipped with a Certificate of Analysis guarantee
  • Innovative processes and state-of-the-art technology to keep our customers competitive
  • Industrial experts on staff to ensure superior quality, valuable consultation, and field support

Our Powder Products:


Plasma transferred arc welding (PTA) has come to play an important role in hardfacing. Characteristics of PTA include:

  • Automatic welding is readily available and requires less operator skill
  • High deposition rate (twice that of GTAW)
  • Smooth deposit surface and fewer defects in the deposit
  • Less dilution in a deposit than GTAW
  • Blended powders can be used
  • Controlling bead thickness is easier with PTA than with oxy-acetylene and GTAW (0.25 – 6.4 mrn  /  0.010 – 1 /4″)


  • High quality and purity PTA welded beads obtained
  • Good fluidity of powder
  • A wide range of hardfacing alloy powders options


  • Particle Size: 180/45pm (00/325 Mesh) / 150/45 m (100/325 Mesh) / other sizes available
  • Apparent Density:  > 4.0g/cm3
  • Flow Rate: < If3sec/50g
  • Unit Weight: 5kgs/bottle or 10 lbs/bottle


We make all alloy powders to meet requirements specified for each thermal spraying method

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